Toasts and Publications

Below is a list of toasts, homework, poems, synopses, and other presentations of the Priory Scholars that have also been published in The Serpentine Muse, the journal of The Adventuresses of Sherlock Holmes (ASH).

Melinda Caric, A Synopsis of BRUC, Winter 2013
Jenn Eaker, My Version of Events, Summer 2014
Robert Katz, When Doctors Go Wrong…, Summer 2014
James B. Saunders, I Am the Very Model of the Modern Sherlockian, Fall 2014
Sandy Kozinn, Why Was Elsie Cubit Such a Clam?, Winter 2014
Kelsey Hercs, The Two Wheeled Menace, Summer 2015
Richard Kitts, The Battered Tin Dispatch Box, Fall 2015
Peter Coleman, An Ode to My Mustache, Winter 2015
Ira Brad Matetsky, A Toast to Dr. Watson & Rugby, Winter 2015
Eileen and Paul Hartnett, We Remember it Well, Spring 2016
Ira Brad Matetsky, A Toast to the Camera Used to Take Beppo’s Picture, Summer 2016
Paul and Eileen Hartnett, The Ballad of Big John Watson, Fall 2016
Alexander Katz, Bad Teachers, Winter 2016
Raj Pandravada, Six Boneys and A Pearl, Winter 2016

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