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Priory Scholars of NYC
2021 Meetings

Sunday, April 25 – see details below
Saturday, July 17
Saturday, October 16

Priory Scholars of NYC Spring 2021 Meeting

Dear Scholars,

Keep your friends close, and your classified documents closer. We hope to see many friends, familiar and new, at the Spring Session of the Priory Scholars, to be held virtually on Sunday, April 25, 1:00 pm-4:00 pm EDT. Class will be held via Zoom, and login information will be sent to all registered participants.

The story for this meeting is “The Adventure of the Naval Treaty.” We will be challenged by another of Prof. Raj Pandravada’s brain-fever-inducing quizzes. In preparation, we suggest that you read the story and reflect upon possible topics of discussion:

  • “[W]e have much to hope from the flowers.” – Now that spring is in full bloom, what do we make of Holmes’ famous musings?
  • “…I shall at least be a relation by marriage.” – Where does this story rank amid complex familial relationships in the Canon?
  • “The French or the Russian embassy would pay an immense sum to learn the contents of these papers.” – Consider the historical context of this story’s publication, in which France and Russia, future World War I allies, are here designated as enemies.

We are happy to make our virtual meetings FREE for all scholars and guests. Reservations are still required and must be received by April 22. To confirm your attendance, please email our Bursar, Prof. Christopher Zordan, at We recommend reserving your space early.

As we meet online to ensure our collective safety, we continue to cherish our Manhattan home, THE CHURCHILL TAVERN, and hope they will be there for us when we are able to return. Though we are not requiring tuition fees for our gathering, once again we will accept any donation you wish to make to the Churchill, and will send them 100% of your gift. You may send a check payable to Christopher Zordan, 242 Rooney Court, East Brunswick, NJ 08816. Payment can also be made via Paypal to; choose the “send money to friends” option. Please email with any questions.

In addition to our spirited discussion and prizes for quiz winners, there will be toasts, reports from recent Sherlockian events, and more! If you are interested in offering a toast, please inquire of Prof. Tamar Zeffren ( or the Headmaster (

Yours, with milk and biscuits,

Nick Martorelli, Headmaster


  1. Laura Russo · · Reply

    My father and I are devoted Sherlock Holmes fans and would love to attend the fall meeting on October 22? Is this possible?

  2. Sorry for the delayed response but our meetings are open to everyone – just be sure to RSVP.

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