For those admirers of Sherlock Holmes who are just starting to acquire a library of Sherlockian books the faculty of PSNYC would like to make some recommendations. We feel that every student who is interested in the study of Sherlock Holmes should have at least one annotated version of the Canon as they provide a cultural and historical context for the life and times of Holmes and Watson. Additionally many of the annotations also serve to introduce the reader to the writings of other Sherlockians.

The Annotated Sherlock Holmes, edited by William S. Baring-Gould, published by Clarkson N. Potter, Inc.
In addition to the Canon this two volume set includes diagrams, illustrations, maps, and photos related to the tales as well as a dozen essays on various aspects of the personae dramatis of the Canon written by the editor. Although out-of-print, copies of the Baring-Gould annotated Canon can been found in brick and mortar bookstores that sell used books as well as on-line.


The Sherlock Holmes Reference Library, edited by Leslie S. Klinger, published by Gasogene Books, Wessex Press
The nine volumes that comprise The Sherlock Holmes Reference Library annotated version of the Canon provide an in depth examination of the four novels and 56 short stories with copious annotations. They reference the many commentaries written since the publication of the Baring-Gould annotation. Also each volume includes its own introduction by an eminent Sherlockian scholar plus a chronological chart for each story. These books can be purchased on-line at

The Shaw One Hundred – one hundred basic books, pamphlets, and periodicals relating to Sherlock Holmes, compiled by John Bennett Shaw

We will be posting additional recommendations in the future.

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