Priory Scholars of NYC Summer 2017 Meeting

Dear Students,

We are delighted to invite you to our 2017 summer session, when warm weather may
lead to impulsive acts. We will convene on Saturday, July 15, 2017, from 12:00-4:00
PM. Class will be held, as usual, at THE CHURCHILL TAVERN, 45 East 28th Street, New
York, NY 10016. The restaurant is located between Madison and Park Avenues, around
the corner from the 28th Street subway station for the 4 & 6 trains.

While we have a reasonably large dining room, we must tell the restaurant how many
students to expect. As the room comfortable seats approximately 40 people, it is a good
idea to register early. To confirm your enrollment, please email
no later than Wednesday, July 5. The tuition fee of $40 includes your meal, and two brunch
drinks. Pre-payment is preferred, although you may pay cash at the door. Payment
should be made to our Bursar, Christopher Zordan, by Wednesday, July 5. You may transfer
money via PayPal to; choose the “send money to friends” option.
Send checks to Christopher Zordan, 242 Rooney Court, East Brunswick, NJ 08816.

If financial challenges may prevent you from attending, contact the Headmaster at about our scholarship program.

Our lesson plan is based around “Silver Blaze.” We will be challenged by another of Prof.
Raj Pandravada’s clever quizzes. Please note the following topics of discussion:

  • The Detective and the Colonel – What do we learn about Holmes’ attitudes
    based on the way he treats Colonel Ross, Inspector Gregory, Silas Brown?
  • The First Return – this story marks the first “return” of Sherlock Holmes.
    What do we make of the selection of this story, and of its placement at the
    start of the “Memoirs”?

Of course, there will be toasts, homework presentations, reports from recent
Sherlockian events, a rousing rendition of our school song, and more! If you are
interested in offering a toast or completing a homework assignment, please inquire of
the Headmaster.

Yours, with milk and biscuits,

Nick Martorelli, Headmaster

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