The Priory Scholars of NYC

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Priory Scholars of NYC
2020 Meetings

October 17 – virtual meeting details and registration

2021 Meetings – TBA

Check this page again for updates and more information.

Dear Scholars,

As the season turns towards autumn, so too may thoughts turn toward more bracing adventures, and so The Priory Scholars invite you to our next virtual meeting on Saturday, October 17, 2020, from 1:00-4:00 PM. As with our summer session, class will be held via Zoom, and login information will be sent to all registered participants. The story for this meeting is “The Problem of Thor Bridge.” View registration information and additional details to reserve your place by Tuesday, October 13. 

With so much changing in the world around us, let us continue to gather in friendship and Sherlockiana. We look forward to seeing you!

– The Faculty of PSNYC

Priory Scholars in the Wall Street Journal, July 2016
In case you missed our Summer School class, here is one reporter’s view: “On the Trail of Sherlock Holmes Buffs: Ralph Gardner Jr. goes to a meeting of The Priory Scholars of NYC and gets an earful,” Wall Street Journal,(online, July 27, 2016 and print edition, July 28, 2016)



Photos of the Priory Scholars of NYC Fall Meeting – Saturday, October 21, 2017

Created in 1954, The Priory Scholars of NYC (PSNYC) was founded by Chris Steinbrunner and friends and is a Sherlock Holmes scion society. Rising from the slumber of a recent hiatus (2007-2011), PSNYC has been re-booted so as to take full advantage of 21st century technology while at the same time exploring its rich and storied past. Our primary focus is the discussion of the canon, while using supplemental material (both classic papers as well as works-in-progress) to fine-tune/challenge/enhance one’s experience of the 60 primary texts. On the social side we want to heartily welcome back any original PSNYC-ers, as well as invite any recently minted Sherlockians and Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts to what we hope will be a rip-roaring raucously cerebral celebration of Holmes and Watson…with some occasional homework – but the fun kind. Please check back here for updates, upcoming events and information. And please feel free to contact us for any reason either via Facebook at or e-mail at


Headmaster and Debate Master – Nick Martorelli
Economics Master – Christopher Zordan
Web Master – Rachel Klingberg
Quiz Master – Raj Pandravada
Archivist – Tamar Zeffren
Headmistress Emerita – Judith Freeman
German Master – Position available


  1. Warren Randall · · Reply

    Well done. An excellent place to visit and learn. Thank you

  2. How do I join this society?

    1. Hello, you are welcome to come to our next meeting on October 22, 2016. We will post updated information about how to register at the top of this page.

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